Tales of the Nereid's Kiss

Port Royal, Jamaica

The shipment that is to go to Dominica was delivered and loaded onto your ship. Anna Beth was invited to a Masked Ball at the Pettigrew Manor House the very next evening. Through some investigative work, Leila found out that this is where Jebediah Cotton was being held. JP will attend the ball with Anna Beth.

Leila and Corky are sent to the manor to case the joint ahead of time.

Michael Knotts joined the crew of the Nereid’s Kiss after JP informed him that Captain Todd was dead and had claimed not to know Michael at all.

Corky was able to gain access to the Pettigrew Manor House by claiming she was lost and hungry. While in the house, Corky managed to make off with extra food and a few pieces of silver. A guard from the house walked Corky back to town because she was too afraid of the “tigers in the woods.” Leila snuck up behind the guard and slit his throat.

Leila stole a carriage in town to use for the evening’s event. Since Anna Beth already hired a carriage for the night, Leila used the stolen one to take Pedro, Charlie, and Artemis with her to offer assistance at the ball, if needed.

JP and Anna Beth had two sets of masks made for the ball. One was to wear to the ball and the second set was made to be exactly like that of the host. Upon arrival at the ball, JP found out one of Anna Beth’s secrets – she’s a Stuart and is using an alias.

During the ball, JP snuck off while Anna Beth continued to socialize with the party guests. He was able to knock out the servant shadow and then did the same to the two guards beating Captain Cotton. JP helped Captain Cotton escape from the house and then went back to Anna Beth.

After several minutes, JP informed Anna Beth that they needed to leave. Just as they were making their get-away, a female servant screamed and alerted the remaining guards that something was wrong. One guard tried to stop JP and Anna Beth but failed. They returned to the ship without incident.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Artemis, Charlie, Leila, and Pedro managed to take out the three guards watching the front of the house. They found Captain Cotton in the woods and carried him off to the safety of their carriage. Four of Pettigrew’s guards chased them into town, wounding Pedro in the process.

Pedro was able to lose the guards temporarily but a broken wheel on the carriage kept them from being able to get away cleanly.

Everyone had to bail and scatter. The guards saw Artemis and mistook him for a slave. They asked him if he’s seen a man and a woman running from the area. Artemis signaled that the couple they were looking for had gone off in a different direction, thus allowing the four of them (and Captain Cotton) to get back to The Nereid’s Kiss.

Bones helped Pedro and Captain Cotton as the ship sailed from port.

Anna Beth made a social faux pas in front of Lelia, calling JP by his name and not as “Captain”. Lelia jumped at the opportunity to see Anna Beth disciplined by JP and told him what had happened. For Anna Beth’s slip of the tongue, JP made it clear to her – and the crew – that she would forfeit one half of her next share to the ship’s treasury.

For their help in rescuing Captain Cotton and for keeping his daughter Virginia safe, Captain Cotton told them that he would take them to the buried French payroll. He also said that he would ask for only a share for himself and a share for Virginia and that the crew of The Nereid’s Kiss could split the rest.

From the crow’s nest, Corky spotted another ship tailing them, but by morning that ship was nowhere to be seen.

The Nereid’s Kiss was able to make it to Dominica eight days later (five days ahead of schedule).



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