Tales of the Nereid's Kiss

Port Royal, Jamaica

The crew of The Nereid’s Kiss got a job taking merchandise to Dominica (1,080 miles – 12 days journey one way). You were paid 575 pieces of eight upfront and are promised an additional 575 pieces of eight if the delivery makes it in tact to Beaux Armes et de Biens Importes de Emile by August 15. You may be able to get a bonus for early delivery – to be negotiated with Emile.

After a crew meeting, it was decided that the pieces of eight received from Alain to transport the merchandise to Dominica would be used to purchase four units of sugar cane (200 pieces of eight per unit).

The mizzen sails were ripped apart by the ghost crew.

Leila followed Pedro out of town and watched him bury something into the riverbed. She warned him not to keep secrets from the captain, especially if those secrets could be detrimental to the captain or any crew members of The Nereid’s Kiss.



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