Background Edges

These Edges are hereditary and background advantages that may usually be purchased only during character creation.

If a player has a good reason for picking up a Background Edge during play, he should talk it over with the GM. If the GM agrees it makes sense, the character may choose the Edge when leveling just like any other.

A hero might choose the Attractive Edge, for example, by cleaning herself up, getting the latest European fashions, or by generally paying more attention to her looks.

Requirements: Novice
Not much gets by your hero. He’s very observant and perceptive, and adds +2 to his Notice rolls to hear, see, or otherwise sense the world around him.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. He may ignore the –2 penalty for using his off-hand.

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
Your hero or heroine is very handsome or beautiful and turns heads at every port. His or her Charisma is increased by +2.

Very Attractive
Requirements: Novice, Attractive
Your character is drop-dead gorgeous and should expect to attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex (though not all of it will be welcomed). His or her Charisma is increased by an additional +2.

Requirements: Novice, Strength and Vigor d6+
Your hero is very large or perhaps just very fit. Either way, his bulk resists damage better than most. Add +1 to his Toughness.

In addition, your hero can carry more than most proportional to his Strength. He can carry 8 times his Strength in pounds without penalty instead of the usual 5 times his Strength.

Requirements: Novice, Boating d8+, Command
The character has a sloop he can call his own. It may have been purchased, inherited, or stolen. The character is responsible for the upkeep of the ship, hiring crew, and paying their wages.

If the ship’s cannons fire on the captain’s action (by either the gunners or the captain going on Hold), the gunners can ignore the Unstable Platform penalty as the captain chooses the moment to fire.

In case you’re wondering why this is a Background Edge, it’s because acquiring a ship in play shouldn’t be a case of taking an Edge. You can earn one through heroic deeds, or maybe steal one the English navy “don’t need,” but you can’t just get one free. Instead we give you the opportunity to start the game with a small ship and work from there. Naval officers receive a ship to command as part of the Officer Edge, so don’t need to take this Edge, unless they want to gain the above benefit for their gunners, in which case they have a private sloop as well as a Navy vessel.

Fast Healer
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero heals quickly. He may add +2 to his Vigor rolls when checking for natural healing.

Good (or Bad) Reputation
Requirements: Veteran
Whether the character is branded a hero or villain, he has earned a reputation across the Spanish Main. Choose whether this is a good or bad reputation. The character gains 5 Fame for a good reputation and loses 5 if he has a bad reputation.

Requirements: Novice
This character seems to be blessed by fate. He gains 1 extra benny at the beginning of each game session, allowing him to succeed at important tasks more often than most, and survive incredible dangers.

Great Luck
Requirements: Novice, Luck
This hero always seems to come out on top. The player gains 2 extra bennies instead of 1 for his luck at the start of each session.

Requirements: Novice
Those born of noble blood have many perks in life, but often have just as many responsibilities. As well as representing true nobles, this Edge also serves for rich plantation owners and senior administrators in the colonial enclaves.

Nobles have high Fame in their societies, are entitled to special treatment from their foes, so they have the Rich Edge, and get +5 Fame (including the bonus from the Rich Edge). This gives the hero several Edges for the price of one, but the responsibilities that come with being a noble more than offset the additional perks.

Nobles often have troops under their control, as well as land, a family home, and other assets. All of this must be determined by the GM, and balanced by the grave responsibilities the character faces.

As an example, a character might be the deputy governor of a small island with a company of musketeers, a small fort, and even a ship. However, he also has an entire island to help manage: criminals to judge, justice to mete out, and jealous rivals who covet his position and constantly plot against him, both here in the New World and back in Europe at court.

Requirements: Novice
Your character was born with lightning-fast reflexes and a cool head. Whenever you are dealt a 5 or lower in combat, you may discard and draw again until you get a card higher than 5. Level Headed characters draw their additional card and take the best before using their Quick Edge.

Requirements: Novice
Whether your hero was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, earned it through hard work, or found it in a chest full of booty, he’s got more money than most others.

Rich heroes start with three times the normal starting funds. If a regular income is appropriate (such as a merchant or noble living off his lands), the hero receives an annual salary of $5,000.

The hero receives +2 or –2 Fame, depending how he acquired his fortune.

Filthy Rich
Requirements: Novice, Rich or Noble
This character is very wealthy. He has five times the starting funds and, if appropriate, a yearly income of around $25,000.

Wealthier characters should have a very complete background as well. This needs to be worked out with the GM, and comes with many more assets as well as onerous responsibilities, just like the Noble Edge.

The hero receives +3 or –3 Fame, depending how he earns his money.

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Background Edges

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