Below is a list of the Edges available in “Tales of the Nereid’s Kiss”. The Edges are grouped by type to help during character creation. Unless an Edge description specifically says otherwise, it may only be selected once.

Each Edge is followed by a list of requirements, which include a minimum Rank and any Traits or other Edges the character must have to choose the Edge.

Rank: The Edge’s Rank is the lowest Rank at which it becomes available to characters. A Novice character can’t buy a Seasoned Edge, for instance. A character may always choose an Edge of a Rank lower than his.

Improved Edges: Some Edges also have improved effects if you purchase additional “levels” in them, such as Attractive and Very Attractive, or Rich and Filthy Rich. To take an Improved Edge, you must have all previous versions. You must choose Rich before taking Filthy Rich, for example.

If you find an Edge in another supplement that you would possibly be interested in using, please discuss it first with the GM. If it is appropriate for our campaign, it will be added to the list.

Background Edges
Combat Edges


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