Ruled by: France

Whereas Columbus spotted many islands from the safety of his ship, he actually landed at Dominica on his second voyage, only to be forced back to the sea by the native Indians.

The British also tried, and failed, to colonize the island in 1627. The French landed a decade later, using missionaries to try to win over the Indians, but were also expelled.

Although France still claims the island, there are no European outposts here, and the number of Indians has actually swelled as the Europeans drive them out of nearby islands. Both France and England make brief landings to gather timber, but the crews retreat to the safety of their ships at night.

Much of the island is swathed in rainforest, and without any European settlers hacking down the forest for plantation space, the clearings made by the loggers are quickly reclaimed by nature.

The island is cut by many rivers, and during the rainy season explorers are urged to be wary of flash floods.


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