Ruled by: English

Jamaica is one of the four largest islands in the Caribbean and is situated approximately 100 miles from both Cuba and Hispaniola. Until a century ago, Jamaica was a Spanish territory, but is now firmly in the hands of the English, for whom it is the jewel in their Caribbean crown.

Although plagued by pirates throughout its history, the most damaging (and most daring) raid happened only a few years ago, when Blackheart sacked Port Royal and freed Jack Hawkins. This raid lead to the removal of Governor Modyford.

Jamaica is at the heart of the British sugar industry, and the landowners are extremely rich and powerful people, able to bring great political pressure to bear on Governor Lynch. Other Jamaican exports include bananas, as well as small quantities of other fruit, and timber.

Much of the center of Jamaica is mountainous, with the highest peak rising to over 6,000 feet. Much of the interior is jungle, though large areas have been cleared for sugar plantations. As a result, the major towns are coastal.

Jamaica has a tropical climate, except on the higher mountains, where the elevation makes it temperate. Temperatures in the coastal towns remain around 80 degrees all year round, dropping to a cooler 55 degrees inland. Rainfall is heavier in the east, with the west seeing only half as much.

Places of Interest

Port Royal: The largest town on Jamaica and the center of British influence in the Caribbean, Port Royal is also one of the busiest ports in the region. The town boasts a natural harbor formed by a large sandbar and protected by Ramsgate Fort.

The town has been described as the “richest and wickedest town on Earth,” which is perhaps not surprising given the amount of treasure spent here by pirates and privateers. Port Royal boasts a population of only around 6,000 souls, but has over 40 taverns.

Governor Lynch, who’s mansion lies on the edge of town, hates pirates, but he also knows they bring great wealth to his town. He allows them to spend their ill-gotten gains in relative peace, so long as none of them are wanted by the English Crown. At the slightest sign of trouble, however, he has his soldiers round them up and throw them in jail to await execution at his leisure.


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