Combat Edges

These Edges are designed to help your hero do one simple thing—defeat his foes in mortal combat.

Bilge Rat
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
Scuttling around in the bowels of the ship doesn’t suit every sailor, but this character has learned to adjust to the cramped conditions below deck.

The character no longer suffers the –2 penalty for fighting below decks when using a weapon longer than 6” so long as it has no Reach value. If the weapon has a Reach value the –2 penalty applies as normal.

Improved Bilge Rat
Requirements: Seasoned, Bilge Rat
The character can use any weapon below decks without incurring the –2 penalty for fighting in cramped conditions.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
Heroes who engage in frequent hand-to-hand combat are far more skilled in personal defense than most others. They’ve learned not only how to attack, but how to block their opponent’s blows as well. A hero with this Edge adds +1 to his Parry.

Improved Block
Requirements: Veteran, Block
As above, but the character adds +2 to his Parry instead of +1.

Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d10+
Being able to take out enemy ships with a well aimed shot takes training and a good eye. The hero has both.

In ship combat, the character may modify his roll on the Critical Hit Table by 1 point either way, as he chooses. He does this after rolling the dice for the Critical Hit.

Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
This Edge is for skilled knife-fighters, who pride themselves on defeating their foes up close and personal.

Close fighters move inside most weapons’ reach, adding a bonus to the fighter’s Parry equal to an enemy weapon’s Reach +1 for that particular foe. No bonus is granted if the foe is unarmed or using a knife or other small weapon.

Example: A mean pirate with Close Fighting battles a Spaniard with a cutlass (Reach 0). The pirate gains +1 Parry.

Improved Close Fighting
Requirements: Novice, Close Fighting
Close fighters train to go for vital areas and weak spots for quick and lethal kills. The attacker adds a bonus to his Fighting roll equal to his enemy’s Reach +1.

Combat Reflexes
Requirements: Seasoned
A character with this Edge recovers quickly from shock and trauma. He adds +2 to his Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being Shaken.

Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned
There is no honor among thieves, and the Caribbean has more than its fair share of scurvy dogs. Those with this Edge will do anything to win a fight.

This scoundrel is particularly deceitful in combat and good at tricks. He adds +2 to all Trick maneuver rolls.

Really Dirty Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighter
The knave is extremely skilled in tactical deceit. By describing the trick and spending a benny, he may automatically get the drop on any single opponent.

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+
This Edge allows a character to use movement and concealment to make them harder to hit. Unless this hero is the victim of a surprise attack, attackers must subtract 1 from their Shooting or Throwing rolls.

If this hero attempts to evade area effect attacks, he may add +1 to his Agility roll as well (when circumstances allow).

Improved Dodge
Requirements: Veteran, Dodge
As above but attackers subtract 2 from their attack rolls, and the character adds +2 to evade area effect weapons when allowed.

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
An entangle is a mix of a disarm and a grapple that leaves the foe disadvantaged but allows the attacker to continue fighting.

The character makes a Disarm attack, but if he succeeds he has entangled his foe’s weapon arm rather than disarming him. He may have wrapped the arm in a cloak, or simply locked his opponent’s elbow against his body using his arm.

The foe counts as an Unarmed Defender (unless he has two weapons) and cannot withdraw from combat. The attacking hero may continue to use a one-handed weapon against his foe.

On his action, the foe may try to escape the entanglement as per breaking a grapple.

Firepot Specialist
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8+
This hero is skilled at targeting a firepot where it has the best chance of starting a fire.

If this hero hits with a firepot, the target catches fire on a 4-6 instead of a 5-6. If the attack causes one or more wounds, the chance increases to 3-6.

First Strike
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Some heroes are truly fearsome in combat. Their quick reactions and combinations of lightning fast blows make it hazardous for an enemy to approach.

Once per turn the character gets one free Fighting attack against a single enemy who moves adjacent to him. This automatically interrupts the opponent’s action, and does not cost the hero his action if he is on Hold or has not yet acted this round.

Improved First Strike
Requirements: Heroic, First Strike
As above but the hero may make one free attack against each and every foe who moves adjacent to him.

Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
From the French for “arrow”, a fleche is a running attack, which begins with a leap, followed by the attack, and ends with the attacker running past his opponent, all in a single movement.

If the character moves at least 2” before making an attack against an adjacent foe, he may attack and “withdraw from combat” without his foe, or other adjacent opponents, receiving a free attack.

All movement after the attack must be in the same direction as the movement before the attack (the character must move in a straight line).

Note that the attacker is still subject to First Strike attacks from foes he moves adjacent to.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+
The hero is incredibly fast. His Pace is increased by +2 and he rolls a d10 instead of a d6 when running.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
A character trained to fight “Florentine” is a master at wielding two weapons at once. He adds +1 to his Fighting rolls against an opponent with a single weapon and no shield. In addition, opponents must subtract 1 from any “gang up” bonuses they would normally get against the hero as his flashing blades parry their blows.

Wall of Steel
Requirements: Veteran, Florentine, Notice d8+
Sometimes a character finds himself out-numbered in a fight. Fortunately, this hero has the perception and agility to handle multiple foes. Opponents gain no “gang up” bonus against the hero.

Requirements: Seasoned; Fighting d10+
Frenzied fighters make fast and furious melee attacks, sacrificing finesse for raw speed. This allows them to make an extra Fighting attack per round at a –2 penalty to all Fighting rolls. Both attacks must be taken at the same time though they may target any two foes adjacent to the hero (Wild Cards roll two Fighting dice and one Wild Die). The –2 penalty is subtracted from both attacks.

A character armed with two weapons still only makes one extra attack from Frenzy.

Improved Frenzy
Requirements: Veteran, Frenzy
As above but the character may ignore the –2 Frenzy penalty.

Requirements: Heroic, Wild Card, Iron Jaw
When lesser men fall by the wayside, this hero just keeps soldiering on, and on.

When the character takes enough wounds to make him Incapacitated, he may make a free Soak roll. Should the roll fail, the character may still spend a benny to make a soak roll as normal. If a character suffers multiple wounds in the same round that take him to Incapacitated, he may make multiple free Soak rolls.

Example: Jack Hawkins already has 2 wounds, when two Redcoats shoot him, inflicting 2 and 3 wounds respectively. Jack may make two free Soak rolls, one against each attack.

Improvisational Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d6+
Heroes often find themselves fighting with pieces of equipment or furnishings not designed for combat. A character with this Edge has a knack for using such improvised weapons, and does not suffer the usual –1 attack penalty when wielding them.

Iron Jaw
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
The hero can take a hit like he was made of oak. He gets +2 to Soak rolls.

Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+
Fighters who can keep their cool when everyone else is running for cover are deadly customers in combat. A hero with this Edge draws an additional action card in combat and acts on the best of the draw.

Improved Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Level Headed
As above but the hero draws 2 additional cards.

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+
A lunge allows a swordsman to extend the reach of his weapon. The character gains +1 Reach to his weapon. He may not use this Edge with First Strike, Frenzy, or Sweep.

Requirements: Seasoned
The hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If he does not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the aim maneuver.

Marksman may never be used with a rate of fire greater than 1.

Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero has learned to fight on through the most intense pain. He may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.

Improved Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Novice, Nerves of Steel
As above, but the hero may ignore 2 points of wound penalties.

Quick Draw
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Getting to your weapon first can mean the difference between life and death. This Edge allows a hero to draw a weapon and ignore the usual –2 to his attack that round. If the hero must make an Agility roll to draw a weapon, he adds +2 to the roll.

Ramming Speed!
Requirements: Seasoned, Boating d8+
When all else fails, a ship can be used as a weapon. The character receives a +2 bonus to perform a Ram maneuver if captaining the vessel. In addition, the ship takes only half damage from ramming attacks it delivers or one-quarter if the ship is fitted with a ram.

Requirements: Seasoned, First Strike, Fighting d8+
A riposte is a combination of a parry followed by a quick attack. Once per round, the character receives a free Fighting attack against one foe within reach of his weapon who failed a Fighting attack against him. This attack is made at –2.

A riposte must be a straight attack (so no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other such maneuvers) and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver (but not Full Defense).

Improved Riposte
Requirements: Veteran, Riposte
As above, except the character may make a free attack with no penalty. All Edge and maneuver restrictions still apply, however.

Spot Weakness
Requirements: Seasoned, Fencing Academy, Smarts d8+, Fighting d8+, Notice d6+
No fencer, whether one taught at the finest European academy or one who developed his art on the mean streets of Tortuga, is flawless. Everyone has a weakness, and this character has the training necessary to spot, and exploit his opponent’s shortcomings.

If an enemy making a Fighting attack against your character rolls a 1 on his Fighting die (regardless of the result of any Wild Die), your hero receives +1 to Fighting rolls against that foe for the rest of the combat. If an opponent rolls a 1 on his Fighting die but hits using his Wild Die, your character still spots the flaw.

You only get the bonus once, no matter how many 1s are rolled.

Steady Hands
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero ignores the “unstable platform” penalty for using “fine” physical skills from the backs of animals, on rolling decks, or while riding in moving vehicles.

Requirements: Novice, Strength d8+, Fighting d8+
Sweep allows a character to make a single Fighting attack at a –2 penalty and apply it against all adjacent targets. Resolve each damage roll separately. Allies are affected by such attacks as well, so heroes must be careful when they use this powerful Edge.

A character may not use Sweep in the same action she uses Frenzy.

Improved Sweep
Requirements: Veteran, Sweep
As above but the hero may ignore the –2 penalty.

Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting of d10+
The hero knows one unique weapon (Cortes’ jeweled sword, for instance, “Ol’ Bess” the musket, or Captain Kidd’s flintlock) like the back of his hand. When using that specific weapon, the character adds +1 to his Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing skill rolls.

A hero can take this Edge multiple times, applying it to a different weapon each time. If a Trademark Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.

Improved Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Weapon
As above but the bonus when using the weapon increases to +2.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
This hero isn’t ambidextrous—he’s simply learned to fight with two weapons at once.

When attacking with a weapon in each hand, the character still rolls each attack separately and still suffers a penalty to the weapon in his off-hand, but ignores the multi-action penalty.

Combat Edges

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